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    People talk of Angels being present in times of danger or harm, they are present when we experience euphoric feelings of happiness, asTypes of Guardian Angels was described when the they heralded the Birth of Baby Jesus, at Christmas time. Again when he rose at Easter.

    The vision of an Angel about the only sign of peace, calm danger and happiness all in one.
    People say that the Angels “walk amongst us” unseen, no matter what your beliefs or religion people really do want and sometimes need to believe, that there is something guiding us, sometimes just knowing they are around all the time brings comfort.

    The image of an angel brings comfort to us in times of trouble, illness and gives comfort to those around. But we should remember that Angels were around in these happy times too.

    One of the common aspects of the work of a psychic medium is connecting or channelling with a person’s guardian angel. People are curious about their guardian angel and some would want to contact them. This however can only be done by a psychic medium, which possesses very powerful psychic powers and abilities. One thing that most people do not know though is that there are different types of guardian angels. Here we will discuss what some of these types are so that you may know in particular when you consult a psychic medium.

    1. Guardian Angel

    They are the ones who watch over us and guide us in our everyday lives. A psychic medium will know if they are channelling with a guardian angel because they can be distinguished by the silver color on the tips of their wings. They are also said to be surrounded by white light and they are there primarily to protect us.

    2. Archangels

    These are more powerful angels who possess healing abilities which can help out individuals especially in times of a crisis. They are harder to communicate with and thus you would need an expert psychic medium in order to do this. Be careful though as some psychic mediums are actually fake and would be feigning this. Better go to a trusted and established expert psychic medium in order to truly have a chance at contacting archangels.

    3. Cherubims

    Cherubims are the third angel phylum and like the Seraphims, they have white colored wings with red tips on them. They are popularized in many famous paintings and artworks and are very well known for their singing abilities and making music.

    4. Powers

    Powers are angels which like Archangels have healing abilities. They can heal a person by enfolding you with their wings. They are distinguished from Archangels by the green tips that can be found coloring their wings.

    5. Virtues

    Virtues are the ones who help us in organizing our life charts. They are very helpful to people and can be distinguished from other angels by their blue wing tips as well as their silver glow.

    These are just some of the angels which can be communicated with by expert psychic mediums. Be sure though to use only genuine mediums as some may just take advantage of you trying to get in touch with your guardian angel.

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