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    Turkish Coffee & Tea Leaf Reading with Symbols & Meanings

    Turkish Coffee & Tea Leaf Reading with Symbols & Meanings

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    ACORN; a long-term great success
    AIRCRAFT; a long distance journey. If broken or pointing downward indicates an accident or trouble coming.
    ALLIGATOR; enemy waiting to hit, treachery. (crocodile, reptile)
    ANCHOR; finding security in life.
    ANGEL; good news.
    ANT; success through perseverance.
    APPLE; business achievement, if bitten – sat backs achieving the goal.
    ARCH; happy event.
    ARROW; bad news. (bow)
    AXE; difficult situation has to be ended, decision has to be made.


    BABY; small worries.
    BAG; financially successful.
    BAGPIPES; disappointment.
    BALLOON; short-term troubles.
    BARREL; a party.
    BASIN; trouble at home.
    BASKET; if empty – money worries. if full – financial success. surrounded by dots-money coming in.
    BAT; a journey ending in disappointment.
    BEANS; poverty.
    BEAR; decision made with strength and focus on success.
    BED; stagnation.
    BEE; social success. swarm of bees – success with an audience.
    BEEHIVE; prosperity.
    BEETLE; scandal, a difficult situation underway.
    BELL; unexpected news.
    BIRD; money coming from an unknown source.
    BIRDCAGE; obstacles, quarrels. (cage)
    BIRD’S NEST; domestic harmony, love.
    BISHOP; good luck coming.
    BOAT; journey over seas.
    BOOK; open – expect legal actions securing future success. closed – delays and difficulties in achieving success.
    BOOMERANG; mall-intentions from others affecting you – protect yourself from bad words coming your way.
    BOTTLE; one bottle – pleasure. several bottles – illness.
    BOUQUET; love and happiness.
    BOW; bad news. (arrow)
    BOWL; money flow or kind-heartedness
    BOX; open – romantic troubles solved. closed – the lost will be found.
    BRACELET; nearing marriage.
    BRANCH; with leaves – a satisfaction. without leaves – a disappointment.
    BREAD; avoid waste.
    BRIDGE; represents a way to cross the obstacles in opportunity for success.
    BROOM; a false friend. (cat)
    BUCKLE; be wary, dangers ahead.
    BUGLE; hard work necessary. (horn)
    BUILDING; a change in location.
    BULL; quarrels, enmity.
    BUSH; new fresh opportunities.
    BUTTERFLY; freedom, happiness, worry-free


    CABBAGE; jealousy causes complications at work.
    CAGE; obstacles, quarrels. (bird cage)
    CAMEL; useful news exactly when needed.
    CANCER; the enemy. (crab)
    CANDLE; pursuit of knowledge-self improvement.
    CANNON; news of a soldier or a government employee.
    CAP; trouble ahead – be careful.
    CAR; good fortune.
    CART; success in business.
    CASTLE; financial gain through marriage.
    CAT; a false friend. (broom)
    CATTLE; prosperity.
    CHAIN; engagement into venture with a partner or business partners.
    CHAIR; an unexpected guest.
    CHERRIES; a happy love affair.
    CHESSMEN; difficulties ahead.
    CHICKEN; domestic bliss. (hen)
    CHIMNEY; hidden risks.
    CHURCH; unexpected money, inheritance.
    CIGAR; new friends.
    CIRCLE; successful conclusion to venture.
    CIRCLE WITH A DOT; a baby, a new venture.
    CLAW; a hidden enemy.
    CLOCK; it is time to think of the future.
    CLOUDS; trouble ahead.
    CLOVER; four leaf – you have luck on your side.
    COAT; a parting, an end to relationship or partnership.
    COCKATOO; mean gossip among friends. (parrot)
    COFFEEPOT; illness. (teapot, kettle)
    COFFIN; bad news.
    COIN; debts will be paid.
    COLUMN; promotion, upgrade, growth in your situation.
    COMB; organize your thoughts.
    COMET; an unexpected, surprise visitor.
    COMPASS; travel, a change of environment.
    CORKSCREW; curiosity causing trouble.
    CRAB; an enemy. (cancer)
    CRESCENT; love, relationship coming into your life. (moon, decrescent)
    CROCODILE; enemy waiting to hit, treachery. (alligator)
    CROSS; sacrifice, trouble.
    CROWN; honour, success in a venture building a long time, wish coming true, a legacy.
    CRUTCHES; help from a friend.
    CUP; reward for effort.
    CURTAIN; a secret.

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    DAFFODIL; great happiness in life.
    DAGGER; toxic situation needs to be ended. (knife)
    DAISY; happiness in love.
    DECRESCENT; keep your eyes opened, someone in your proximity loves you. (crescent, moon)
    DEER; a dispute or quarrel.
    DESK; social gathering, good venture. (table)
    DEVIL; evil influences.
    DISH; quarrel at home.
    DOG; a good, loyal friend.
    DOLPHIN; good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness. (fish, whale)
    DONKEY; be patient and optimistic.
    DOOR; opportunity, opening to a new path. (gate)
    DOTS; several black dots together means money in your future.
    DOVE; good fortune.
    DRAGON; desires fulfilled.
    DRUM; scandal, gossip, arguments.
    DUCK; money you are expecting is on the way in.
    DUSTPAN; strange news about a friend.


    EAGLE; a big change for the better.
    EAR; unexpected news.
    EARRINGS; misunderstanding in what you hear. (jewellery)
    EGG; progress toward success.
    ELEPHANT; wisdom, strength, lasting success built on firm foundation.
    ENVELOPE; good news.
    EYE; be observant, watch for details. A mean eye – jealousy; nice looking eye – someone is thinking about you.


    FACE; one face – a change in belief of one area in life. Several faces – a change in lifestyle.
    FAIRY; joy and enchantment.
    FAN; flirtation, indiscretion.
    FEATHER; instability, inconsistency, lack of concentration.
    FEET; an important decision.
    FENCE; limitation to activities, minor setbacks toward future success.
    FERN; disloyalty, an unfaithful lover.
    FINGER; emphasizes the symbol to which it points.
    FIR; artistic success. the higher the tree, the better.
    FIRE; achievement, avoid hasty decisions.
    FIREPLACE; matters related to your home.
    FISH; good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness. (dolphin, whale)
    FIST; an argument.
    FLAG; danger ahead.
    FLOWER; wish coming true.
    FLY; domestic irritations. the more flies, the more annoying little problems. (insects)
    FORK; a deceitful friend. (pitchfork)
    FORKED LINE; many paths ahead, decision to be made.
    FOUNTAIN; future success and happiness.
    FOX; a deceitful friend, up to no good.
    FROG; success through a change of home or job-depending on the location in the grounds.


    GALLOWS; social failure.
    GARDEN ROLLER; difficulties ahead.
    GARLAND; success, great honour.
    GATE; opportunity, opening to a new path. (door)
    GEESE; unexpected visitor.
    GIRAFFE; think before you speak.
    GLASS; integrity.
    GLOVE; a challenge.
    GOAT; enemies threaten.
    GONDOLA; romance, travel.
    GOOSE; finding good solutions.
    GRAMOPHONE; pleasure.
    GRAPES; happiness.
    GRASSHOPPER; news of a much travelled friend.
    GREYHOUND; good fortune, with help of loyal friend.
    GUITAR; happiness in love.
    GUN; trouble, quarrels. (pistol)


    HAMMER; overcoming obstacles, ruthlessness, work that is uncongenial.
    HAND; friendship.
    HANDCUFFS; trouble ahead.
    HARE; timidity, tendency to pull away fast, be braver in a situation you are facing. (rabbit)
    HARP; harmony in love.
    HAT; a new occupation, a change in job. bent and broken-likely to fail at this quest.
    HAWK; sudden danger born of jealousy.
    HAYRICK; think before you act.
    HEAD; new opportunities.
    HEART; love and marriage.
    HEATHER FLOWER; good fortune.
    HEN; domestic bliss. (chicken)
    HILL; obstacles, setbacks.
    HOE; hard work leading to success.
    HOLLY; an importance occurrence in the winter.
    HORN; be wary, dangers ahead. (bugle)
    HORSE; good news from a lover. head only – romance.
    HORSESHOE; good luck.
    HOUSE; security.


    ICEBERG; danger.
    INITIALS; unusually those of people know to you. if next to a triangle, the initials of strangers.
    INKPOT; a letter.
    INSECT; domestic irritations. the more flies, the more annoying little problems. (fly)
    IVY LEAF; reliable friend.

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    JESTER (joker); party or social gathering-relaxing nature.
    JEWELLERY; a misunderstanding. (earring, necklace)
    JUG; gaining recognition, importance.


    KANGAROO; domestic harmony.
    KETTLE; illness. (coffeepot, teapot)
    KEY; a new house, relocation, two keys crossed; success in investment.
    KEYHOLE; beware of curiosity of strangers.
    KING; a powerful, successful ally.
    KITE; wishes coming true, keep an eye on it though, need to see it through.
    KNIFE; toxic situation needs to be ended. (dagger)


    LADDER; promotion.
    LAMP; trouble threatening, but averted. success through own knowledge.
    LEAF; prosperity, good fortune.
    LEO; influential friend. (lion)
    LEOPARD; news of a journey.
    LETTER; good news. near dots – news about money.
    LIGHTHOUSE; trouble threatening, but averted. success through a friend.
    LINES; straight and clear – progress. wavy – uncertainty. slanting – failure.
    LION; influential friends. (leo)
    LOCK; obstacles in your path, if opened-obstacles overcame. (padlock)
    LOOP; impulsive actions could bring trouble.


    MAN; a person relevant for the figures involved.
    MAP; travel, change through travel.
    MASK; deception.
    MEDAL; a reward.
    MERMAID; temptation, an offer that is not what it seems.
    MITRE; honours.
    MONKEY; a trickster.
    MONSTER; terror.
    MONUMENT; lasting happiness.
    MOON; love, relationship coming into your life. (crescent, decrescent)
    MOUNTAIN; a high set ambition.
    MOUSE; theft.
    MUSHROOM; fast moving growth.
    MUSIC; good fortune.


    NAIL; malice, injustice.
    NECKLACE; misunderstanding in what was done. (jewellery)
    NEEDLE; be wary, minor dangers ahead. (buckle, broach)
    NET; traps for the unwary, be careful.
    NUMBERS; indicate a timeline, the number of days before events.
    NUN; quarantine.
    NURSE; illness or a trip to hospital.
    NUTCRACKERS; difficulty is passing.


    OAK; good fortune.
    OAR; a small worry, help from someone to overcome difficulties. (paddle)
    OCTOPUS; danger.
    OPERA GLASSES; a quarrel, nitpicking.
    OSTRICH; travel.
    OWL; gossip, scandal.
    OYSTER; acquired riches. (shell)


    PADDLE; a small worry, help from someone to overcome difficulties. (oar)
    PADLOCK; obstacles in your path, if opened-obstacles overcame. (lock)
    PALM TREE; success, honour, happiness in love.
    PARACHUTE; escape from danger.
    PARASOL; a new lover.
    PARCEL; a surprise.
    PARROT; mean gossip among friends. (cockatoo)
    PEACOCK; with tail spread-riches. surrounded by dots-luxurious life.
    PEAR; comfort, financial ease.
    PEOPLE; visitors.
    PENTAGON; intellectual balance.
    PEPPER SHAKER; a troublesome secret.
    PIG; material success brings emotional problems.
    PEGEON; an improvement in trade. sitting-lasting improvement.
    PILLAR; supportive friends or family members.
    PINE; an important event in winter.
    PIPE; keep an open mind, thinking to a solution.
    PISTOL; trouble, quarrels. (gun)
    PITCHFORK; a deceitful friend. (fork)
    POLICEMAN; secret enemy.
    POT; respect through service to society.
    PROFILE; a new friend.
    PUMP; generosity.
    PURSE; a profit.
    PYRAMID; solid success.


    QUESTION MARK; hesitancy, caution.


    RABBIT; timidity, tendency to pull away fast, be braver in a situation you are facing. (hare)
    RAILWAY; long journey.
    RAINBOW; happiness, prosperity.
    RAKE; organize your life.
    RAT; treachery.
    RAVEN; bad news.
    RAZOR; quarrels resulting in partings.
    REPTILES; enemy waiting to hit, treachery. (crocodile, alligator)
    RIBBON; happy event, celebration.
    RING; the situation has come full circle-competition, two rings-marriage
    ROCKS; burdens.
    ROD; visitor.
    ROSE; popularity.


    SAW; person not connected to a situation interfering.
    SCALES; a lawsuit. balanced scales – justice. unbalanced scales – injustice.
    SCEPTRE; power, authority.
    SCISSORS; domestic arguments.
    SCYTHE; be careful, someone could end your happiness.
    SHAMROCK; good luck, wish coming true.
    SHEEP; happiness.
    SHELL; acquired riches. (oyster)
    SHIP; successful journey.
    SHOE; a journey to a better situation.
    SICKLE; e careful, someone could cause trouble in your happiness.
    SIGN POINT; draws attention to the symbol to which it points.
    SKELETON; a sign of loosing hope in yourself, a need to build self up.
    SNAKE; hatred, an enemy set to destroy your world in a very sneaky way.
    SPADE; hard work leads to success.
    SPIDER; determined and persistently accumulating, money coming in.
    SPOON; generosity.
    SQUARE; a symbol of being protected.
    SQUIRREL; prosperity after a struggling time of work.
    STAR; good health, happiness. five-pointed star – good fortune.
    STEEPLE; slight delay in processing.
    STEPS; an improvement in life.
    STICK; visitor. (walking stick)
    SUN; immense power, a very good and unexpected development.
    SWALLOW; journey.
    SWAN; smooth progress, contented life.
    SWARD; you are changing your life for better-fight for your happiness.

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    TABLE; social gathering, good venture (desk)
    TEAPOT; illness. (coffeepot, kettle)
    TELEPHONE; every truth has 3 sides to it, don’t jump to conclusions about what you hear.
    TELESCOPE; adventure on your path.
    TENT; travel.
    TIE; happy event, celebration.
    TOAD; beware of flattery, it can be deceiving.
    TORCH; a turn for the better.
    TORTOISE; criticism, keep a firm skin.
    TOWER; financial growth in a slow and steady pace.
    TREE; things are evolving slowly but surely exactly as you want them to.
    TRIANGLE; unexpected event. point upward – brings success. point downward – brings failure.
    TRIDENT; a deceitful friend wielding the power.
    TRUNK; a long journey, fateful decisions.


    UMBRELLA; annoyances, a need for shelter. if open – shelter found. if closed – shelter refused.
    UNICORN; the wish you were working to fulfill will be granted.
    URN; wealth, happiness.


    VASE; a wedding celebration.
    VIOLINE; selfishness.
    VOLCANO; emotions out of control-impatience.
    VULTURE; your money is everywhere and you are going after it.


    WALKING STICK; a visitor. (stick)
    WASP; trouble in love.
    WATERFALL; prosperity.
    WEATHER VANE; indecisiveness.
    WHALE; good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness. (dolphin, fish)
    WHEEL; complete – earned success. broken – disappointment.
    WHEELBARROW; a meeting with an old friend.
    WINDMILL; business success through hard work rather than brilliance.
    WINDOW; open – good luck through a friend. closed – disappointment through a friend.
    WINGS; message.
    WISHBONE; a wish granted.
    WOLF; inner strength, you will take care of self and yours.
    WOMAN; pleasure.
    WORMS; scandal.
    WREATH; happiness ahead.


    YACHT; pleasure.
    YOKE; being dominated.


    ZEBRA; adventure overseas, an unsettled life.
    ZEPPELIN; delays, perseverance necessary.

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