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    It infects your mind, and your heart, and you haven’t a clue why or how it happens. It just does. It’s love, and how lovers find each other in Flirtingthis big wide world is as mysterious as the emotion itself is.

    Perhaps a magnetic or physical attraction draws you to your mate. Or maybe a brief glimpse into that persons eyes and into the emotion that rests deep within them is what lets you know that you have found love.

    It may be that you are long term acquaintances, and one day you suddenly realize that you could not imagine your existence continuing without the other beside you.

    Flirtation Signals That Encourage The Opposite Sex

    Flirting just isn’t a skill that most of us were born with, or one that we were generally taught as we aged, so learning to flirt can take a little practice to get right. It is also not an exact science, so it may take a little time to learn how to flirt effectively, and to learn to identify the signs when someone is flirting back at you. Like most other things in life we just have to keep trying, practice makes perfect, and with a little trial and error.

    Love and laughter is just so very important…

    Love junkies

    Love junkie is a term which is unfortunately becoming more common place in today’s modern world. A love junkie is someone who gets off on the emotional high that comes along with being in love.

    They are so addicted to the blissful sensations associated with new love that they are never able to maintain a long term relationship. As soon as a relationship’s intense emotions begin to wane then the love junkie moves on.

    When you fall in love there are a number of chemical reactions that occur within the brain.

    Is Love Over-Rated?

    Love is that mushy gushy stuff that makes your heart sometimes feel like it is being twisted into the shape of a pretzel. It is being accepted for who you are, and being accepting of the other persons faults, and insecurities. Love is very giving, but first you have to love yourself.

    It is a deep rooted caring for another person that is so strong that it makes you wish that you had the ability to heal every hurt that they might feel. You want so badly to make them smile when they are sad, and yet sometimes this same love is filled with anger, jealousy, bitterness and even hate. Some days you would like nothing better than to wave a magic wand, and make this same person just “poof”, and be gone away.

    How old is too old to get married?

    As long as our heart continues to beat, and our body craves the gentle touch of another hand within our own, love will happen. We are human, and age does not stop us from desiring affection, or love from those around us. Human touch is as important to an elderly person as it is to a newborn baby. As emotional beings we require the reassurance that it provides to us. Knowing that someone cares and is concerned for our well being, allows us a stronger sense of self worth, and this fact does not diminish as we age.The elderly need the warmth and closeness of an intimate love relationship as much as their younger counterparts do.

    But exactly how old is too old to get married? When does it become apparent that emotion is overtaking logic and an irrational decision is being made

    How to overcome loneliness

    Although loneliness often occurs after the loss of someone, or something close to us, it can occur for a variety of reasons.Marriage

    Perhaps a close love relationship has ended,or a best friend has moved away, and we no longer have the close bond that an intimate friend can provide. Maybe it is retirement from your profession, or the loss of a support group, or club that has caused the seclusion that now exists.

    Whatever the reason for your loneliness might be, the fact of the matter is that you are alone, you are lonely, and you want the craving for companionship that haunts you to end.

    What to say if you don’t want to accept a marriage proposal

    What happens when you aren’t quite ready to marry, but the other person is, and you suddenly find yourself being asked a question that you just did not want to hear?

    How do you respond, how do you say no, exactly what is there to say if you don’t want to accept a marriage proposal?

    If you are receiving a proposal of marriage from someone then it is most likely because you have been enjoying a relationship that is enjoyable enough for the other person to want to take it up a step further. This means that at the very least.

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