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    The child within us is what gives us the innocence to care, to laugh like we will never laugh again, to cry just because we feel like crying, to love, to play, and to feel empathy where non might otherwise exist. It is this child which allows us to feel with emotion rather than with common sense.

    Finding the inner child that exists within you is the pathway to finding the elusive fountain of youth. How deeply you have buried that little kid within you is the determining factor of how difficult it will be for you to discover the secret of eternal youth.

    It’s the little kid that we long ago figured we no longer needed, so we tucked him away, until the pressures and stresses of growing up tamped him further and further into the depths of our subconscious. Now that child is trapped inside, and desperately attempting to find a way out again, but buried beyond recognition he can’t find his way back out to play.

    To be young again you have only to pull this magical elixir of emotions from its hiding place and once again enjoy its sweetness. Sounds easy huh? Well sometimes it is not easy to grow up and likewise, sometimes it is not so easy to grow younger. Sometimes it takes a lot of experiences, patience and learning, for us to turn around and successfully walk backwards.

    We are an aging population, many striving desperately to bend backwards in time. To somehow grab those last remnants of youth, and stretch them forward, and closer to today and tomorrow.

    You’ve seen those who think that they have found it. Surgically reintroduced people. It is in their appearance, their facial skin stretched so tight that their eyes bug out and their cheekbones look ready to burst through the thin membrane that remains to cover them, wrinkleless expressions on stretched thin smiles. Bright sparkling eyes. Breasts that look amazing till the bra is removed and they bounce out in all their naked glory. So strange? You can’t help but stare in fascination at the perfectly round appendages that look amazingly like the plasticine balls you used to form by rolling them ever so carefully in your hands.

    Thousands of dollars invested into cosmetic or surgical fixes to find that all magical but ever so elusive “Fountain of Youth”. Like a too tight pair of blue jeans that reveals every crack and crevice, we find it erotic, but are not too sure if it is attractive or not.

    A somewhat funny situation when you consider that the fountain of youth is yours for the taking. Locked within each of us, it lies, just waiting for the opportunity to emerge.

    But how do we extract this simple fix from within the complex array of subconscious barriers that keep it ever so close, and yet ever so far, from our searching fingertips? How do we move reclaim lost innocence?

    Time and patience. An open mind and a willingness to rediscover….

    When you wake in the morning shake off the you who existed the day before and look through the eyes of a child again.

    Examine your vitality, your emotions and your ability to still enjoy the emotions of others. Look at your ability to dream and your ability to still believe in your dreams. Look at your ability to care and to show kindness. Examine why at some points you feel empathy and, why in other situations, you do not.

    Learn again to care, and with caring to love, and respect every life that exists around you. In learning these emotions you will begin to come to life. Examine your perspectives on living and other people’s perceptions of living and, somewhere amongst all of that emotion, you will begin to really truly live again.

    By rediscovering your innocence, that magical world of intense emotions that flash from you like lightening from a clear blue sky.

    This vitality, this life force, is what makes us young. It is what others see. Whether the emotion is happiness, curiosity, mischief, or sadness, the life force that shines from us is what causes people to stop and be fascinated by us. It is what makes us truly beautiful, truly young, and it is available to each and every one of us. The fountain of youth exists within the little child within us; within our inner child.

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