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    The origin of tarot cards can be traced to Europe back in the 15th century. By then, their purpose was nothing other than playing games. Later on, they gained popularity as they were being used to predict the future and for divine purposes.
    Tarot reading is based on cards with pictorial images in form of symbols or drawings. With the aid of the cards, the reader uncovers different patterns needed to interpret the current state of affairs and foretell the future. You don’t necessarily have to be a psychic for you to be capable of reading these cards.

    There are two main types of tarot readings namely: open and question readings.

    Question readings

    Here, a particular question is being addressed. The intention is not to provide answers to certain yes or no questions. Majority of people believe that decisions should not be made basing on these answers. Instead, they are in favor of these readings serving as guides to enable you make your own decision. This therefore means that the structure of a question is very important.
    Psychic Nyssa is one of the best tarot card readers as well as a teacher/mentor and recommends that the questions should observe the following guidelines:
    Your options should remain neutral: You should not have an answer prior to the reading since this will affect the final decision you make.

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    Look for the best degree of detail: The question should be objective and to the point. Address a specific problem in a broad manner. Simply include the lowest degree of detail to relay what you want to get from the cards.

    Remain focused on yourself: Let the question be entirely on you. Do not shift attention to another individual whom you suspect to be the architect of the existing problem.

    Stay neutral: Your question should not carry a mindset that your view is the definitely the correct one. This ensures that you are open to points of view from different quarters.

    Be positive: Ensure the question is structured to deliver a positive statement while avoiding negation.

    Open Psychic Readings

    These address a greater part of your life. They do not zero down to a particular issue. Such readings come into play during transition in life from one stage to another. These phases include marriage, beginning a family and even graduating from an institution. You might be in a good position to guide the readings in case you want to cover a general area like health, education, business or career though it becomes specific depending on the direction it is taking.

    One major role played by tarot readings is easing the pressure on your mind. They reflect your past, current and future experiences. At the same time, they reveal to you a new and fresh view of your life. Most people are usually disturbed and unsettled especially when they are confused and undecided on what to do when faced with certain challenges. It is during such times that you can seek guidance from tarot cards. A clear mind gives a feeling of relaxation and so decisions and choices are easily arrived at with ease.

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