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    Do you want to talk to the dead? It isn’t hard, however if you want to listen to them and learn more about their lives in the worlds beyond

    this one, that’s a bit more complicated!

    If it is two-way communication you want, you would be talking WITH the dead. Talking TO them could be as simple as opening your mouth and speaking your mind.

    We all want to know what is is like in the worlds after death, so it is natural to be curious and to try to find out more. However I hesitate to do much of this as I feel that those who have crossed over may have better things to do than talk to me. They are under no obligation to satisfy my curiosity or answer my questions. I don’t want to interfere with their happy afterlife experience… or to hold them back by binding them to me when they could be doing something far more important or interesting.

    However I fully believe it can be done, and that there are times that my dead relatives want to communicate with me, and there are some who have passed beyond who have things to tell people who still live in this world.

    Personally, I feel that communication with the dead is commonplace.



    The book’s approach features the history of EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) communications with disembodied spirits – but my experience is more mind-to-mind or soul-to-soul. I have an ability to just know what a ghost is thinking… and I feel that’s normal, and can be achieved by anyone who simply accepts that this can be true. Those who don’t experience it are putting up a block. That block could be distraction or disbelief. Either way, nothing that might be coming through is picked up in a way that leads to conviction or belief.

    If you want to talk to the dead, just talk like you’re talking to someone in the same room. Those who have passed on can hear just fine. The problem seems to be in listening to them. That must be done in silence.

    Of course with EVP communication a paranormal researcher would get unexpected voices on recording devices. They might not hear these voices when they’re recording but later when listening could detect understandable phrases. The hope with this kind of communication is that eventually there might be a scientific breakthrough that would allow living people to pick up a phone and talk directly with those who have passed into the great beyond.

    Even more exciting, these communications could someday include visuals. Imagine talking to your dead uncle using a television screen! It could be very interesting indeed. This science is in its infancy.