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    Free Psychic Medium ReadingPsychic mediums are not as predominant today compared with fortune tellers. This is mainly because psychic mediums deal with the other dimension. When we say other dimension, it does not only mean the spirit world, but it encompasses a whole different perspective. The other dimension we are referring to could be heaven, hell, outer space or even the past or the present phase of our existence here in planet earth.

    Psychic mediums are not plain psychics. These are the people who have much more potential and capabilities as compared to the typical fortune teller. These psychic mediums not only go into this other dimensions, but they also interact with whatever or whomever they encounter in the other world. Given this fact, it is imperative that psychic mediums should have the sufficient training and exposure to the paranormal. Lack of these things could cause disastrous phenomena not only with the psychic medium himself but all the other dimensions and beings the medium is dealing with. Failure to do a proper trance or interaction could result to opening of dimensions and cause of conflicts between the current one he’s dealing with or the other.

    It is a must, then, that before going into a trance or before even thinking of making oneself a medium, the psychic should first go through intensive meditation process, cleansing and spiritual training. Even before these things, the psychic medium should always have his or her implements with him and his psychic support group as well, while the group must aid him should any conflict or psychic phenomena happen that he cannot handle on his own.

    Psychic Mediums and the Sixth Sense

    You’ve probably heard of a psychic medium and the great things that this special psychic is capable of. Psychic mediums are widely known for their unique power that allows them to connect with the spirit world. But have you ever wondered how on Earth is a psychic medium able to establish communication channels with the realm of the spirits? Simple — it is through the heightened levels of their sixth sense that they are able to get in touch with the other dimension.

    What is the Sixth Sense?

    It’s a fact that everyone has five senses. These senses are the sense of sight, the sense of hearing, the sense of smell, the sense of touch, and the sense of taste. However, what is this so-called sixth sense?

    Commonly referred to as “ESP” or extrasensory perception, the sixth sense is the psychic medium talent or skill to transmit and receive information outside the five human senses through the “third eye” (the third eye is an invisible eye found in between your eyebrows, in the center of your forehead).

    People typically think that the sixth sense is simply nothing more but being able to see, feel, or hear spiritual presence. Well it’s actually not just that; especially when you have heightened levels of the sixth sense like that of a psychic medium. The sixth sense is a special psychic medium power that gives you the ability to communicate with those on the other side!

    3 Simple Signs Of An Active Sixth Sense

    Every person has a sixth sense. However, this special psychic gift is just asleep or dormant in most people (this is why a being a psychic medium is a rare gift since not everyone has an active sixth sense). So how do you know if your sixth sense is asleep or awake? Here are 3 simple signs to know if your sixth sense is active:

    1. Seeing beyond the normal.The Sixth Sense Psychic

    You are able to see spiritual entities (sometimes blurry, sometimes very clear). You can see these beings either through your dreams, in visions, or even possibly face-to-face!

    2. Unexplainable energy vibrations.

    Do you always have that sudden weird unexplainable tingly feeling? The reason behind these instances that give you goose bumps is that you are actually picking up the energy vibrations of spiritual beings.

    3. Hearing what others cannot hear.

    Hearing voices, music, cries, noises, or whatever form of sound that can’t be heard by others is a sign of an active sixth sense. These sounds are usually signs of spiritual presence, and it is a form by which the spirit world is trying to contact you.

    Can I Develop My Sixth Sense?

    Just like any psychic medium power, the sixth sense can be nourished and developed. There are many ways to hone this special psychic gift. They include meditation, practicing various psychic medium exercises, and taking psychic development courses, among many others.

    However, the key to developing your sixth sense doesn’t rely on how long you’ve been practicing or how many courses you’ve taken. The secret to unlock your sixth sense and develop your psychic medium side is your mind set — if you have an open and optimistic mind, it can be guaranteed that you can receive many blessings from the psychic realm.

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