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    Interested in the Paranormal – Hunting Ghosts, Playing with Ouija Boards or Conducting Seances Then Protect Yourself Against Ghost and Spirit Possession Follow Some Basic Health and Safety Advice.

    Paranormal Health and Safety Advice

    Playing with the paranormal can be dangerous and should be done with caution. I’m going to provide some advice on how to protect yourself during ghost hunting, playing with Ouija boards, conducting séances, communicating with spirits and ghosts, and if your advanced trance mediumship. I’ve done it all got the tee shirt and know that spirits/ghosts can possess people and create havoc in peoples lives.

    Whichever method you use you can invite unwanted ghost or spirits into your lives and it can create havoc in your life. Yes ghosts and spirits can possess people but often they are invited to do so. The current fascination with ghost hunting and research in the last few years is leading to some dangerous practices and opening up a connection with the next dimension which is still not fully understood. The ghost research societies, ghost hunter groups, and ghost investigative teams, are all examining the realm of the haunted. Additionally a whole range of new paranormal technologies to help in the hunt, from digital recorders and EMF meters to infrared cameras and ghost boxes have been developed. There are even scientists and universities trying to find rational explanations for ghost phenomena.

    Why is my question? If you don’t know what you are doing stay away from it. The paranormal is a dangerous place for those who have no experience. GHOSTS and SPIRITS instil fear in almost every one you ask. Most people will admit that they are frightened of encountering an apparition. Fear of ghosts or spirits – also known as spectrophobia or phasmophobia – stems from the fear of the unknown. And when that threat is something unknown that might leap out of the darkness or possess us, we just want to run for the hills. Why oh why is this fascination increasing.

    The Ghost of Gadsen is a documentary film which tells the story of several strange events which have occurred in the city of Gadsden throughout the past 150 years. The accounts have been reported on several occasions by eye witnesses. The stories range from “The Lady in Black” to “The Ghost of Charlie Holmes”. It provides first-hand accounts of how people have been possessed and should act as a warning.

    Safe Ghost Hunting

    Make sure you protect yourself if your going to look for ghost and spirits

    I’m not aware of any evidence or documented cases of anyone being seriously physically harmed by a ghost or spirit, although some people have been harmed because they are either messing about or they are fearful and let the fear over come them. If you are concerned about anything, don’t do it.

    Above all when involved in any type of ghost or spirit hunting use your common sense and protect yourself at all stages.Conducting-Ghost-Calling-Seances

    Never go ghost hunting on your own. It’s better if you go as a group and that you stick together in at least two’s whilst in your chosen location. Get permission if it’s someone else land and if you are asked to leave go immediately.

    If you know where you are going do a daytime visit and check it out. Haunted sites are often isolated and deserted. That makes these sites attractive to people engaged in illegal activities. Use caution and common sense and make sure someone who is not with you, knows where you are going and how long you are likely to be gone in case there is a problem. Take a mobile phone with you but don’t rely on it because they often won’t work.

    Whatever you do don’t drink alcohol or use drugs before or during a ghost hunt it will dull your sense and may lead to someone getting hurt.

    Before you start ask in your mind for protection, ask for love and light around you.

    If your scared, leave. You will be perfectly safe because the ghost/spirit is linked to the place and therefore is unlikely to go with you. If you are still frightened when you get home relax and ask for love and light to be brought around you and imagine a clock has been placed all around you covering your entire body.

    Health and Safety Advice Note

    If for some reason, and its very rare, the ghost or spirit is still bothering you, seek the help of a professional. Most ghosts and spirits will not “possess” people without their consent. If someone or something seems to be taking control, tell it to stop and seek professional help.

    Ouiji Boards

    Playing with Ouiji Boards Can be Dangerous

    ouija board

    By Mijail0711,

    Act responsbility if you’re going to get involved with them

    There are many different kinds and names for the Ouija board such as talking board, witch board, spirit board, oracle board, mystic board, devil board and channelling board. The most widely known of them all are talking board and Ouija board. Ouija boards are defined as a game and are frequently used as entertainment. The boards have been commonly sold by games companies, and have been widely used by children. Additionally, Ouija boards have been home-made with some interesting and worrying results.

    There are lots of stories of bad experiences with Ouija boards and people have been known to invite ghosts and spirits into their home as a result of using one. Follow my advice below:

    – Before you start make sure that you ask for love, light and protection around you and for good things to be brought to you in love.

    – The best way to be safe with a Ouija board is to be serious and respectful don’t; joke around because you could attract those spirits and ghosts you don’t really want.

    – It goes without saying, that you should not use the board if you have been drinking or taking drugs, don’t use it as a party piece.

    – Anyone with even a minor mental health problem, stress, anxious or nervousness should not use the board. having any psychosis or psychological disorders or persons who are nervous, anxious or have addictive tendencies must not use the board.

    – Never, never, ever ask questions relating to your own death or death of another person

    – Keep your question short and direct and make sure that only one person asks questions it will save on confusion.

    – Don’t play with the board for longer than about 1 hour at the maximum – 30 minutes is the ideal. If you get nothing during this time close down the board and try again later or on another day.

    Make sure you close down the board when you finish

    It is extremely important that you take the proper action to close down the board properly at the end of each and every session. Thank the spirits for coming forward and speaking to you, wish them love and peace and say Goodbye. The spirit will then move the planchette to goodbye and you may pack up the board.

    If the spirit does not go to goodbye, then tell the spirit that you are saying goodbye and ask them to do the same. If they still refuse to leave, then you must move the planchette to goodbye whilst in a firm and controlled voice saying goodbye and leave now out loud. If you feel that is not enough you can pass the planchette through a candle flame.

    Health and Safety Advice Note

    The more you use the board the more spirit activity it will create (similar to a magnet). The board can become addictive to some people and this is harmful, not only to your well being but this can also attract unwanted negative energies and bad spirits. It is advisable to not use the board more than twice a week.


    Can be a Wonderful Experience

    If you know what you are doing!
    For people who want to contact a spirit from the other side, one of the best ways to do that is through a séance. A séance involves a group of people in a room concentrating on contacting spirits.

    Conducting your own séance is much easier to do if you have attended ones held by others. This will give you a good idea of what happens and how to handle the session. Séances are serious so don’t mess around with them, if it doesn’t work the first time to try one, keep trying as it will work. You must remember spirit need to find you as well as you finding them. Whatever you do don’t expect the spirit who comes through to be your grandmother, it could be, and is more likely to be someone unexpected.

    In days gone by, the spirits who come to a séance will make themselves known either by making the room cold, they may make tapping noises and on rare occasions they speak through someone in the room. I’ve seen tables levitate, I have been honored to hear a spirit guide give a very inspiring speech and I have heard some of the most powerful evidence through a séance. Séances are fantastic if they are handled correctly and can give you proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Do not mess around with spirits and spirit world though a séance unless you are prepared for what will happen.

    Always use your common sense. Make the atmosphere in the room welcoming, mediation or soft music, no smoking, clean environment and somewhere comfortable for all those participating. Turn off phones, and also the music before you begin. They say you should use a table and dim the lights but I’ve done it different ways in different places. So what’s comfortable is what’s important.
    Before you being make sure everyone is comfortable and happy with what is about to happen before the session begins. Ask for protection, love and light around you and for purposeful spirits to come forward. It sometimes takes a while for spirit to come forward and the first few times there might be something minor that happens which will build momentum the more you conduct séances. Spirit is likely to test you out as much as you are testing them.



    Always end the séance by saying goodbye and thank you. Also ask for love and light to be brought to all and for protection in everyone’s daily lives. Spirit will normally leave at this point and the atmosphere will return to normal. Ask everyone how they felt and what if anything they heard or saw. Its always good to have a short discussion afterwards because its surprising what an individual might have experienced that the group as a whole has not.

    Health and Safety Advice

    Always be attentive at all times, remain calm and stress free. Try to create a feeling of alertness and serenity. Don’t allow people who you think can’t handle a séance to get involved, especially children.

    If you should contact a negative energy during the séance, ask them to leave immediately bring love and light around the group. If it doesn’t work repeat the process with control and firmness but never with anger or fear in your voice.
    Never trust a spirit, get them to provide proof of who they are so that it can be validated. Test the spirit with questions which can be validated by the person they wish to speak to.

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