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    Controlling your dreams – secret virtual nightly fantasies?How to astral project

    Can you control your dreams, and do anything your heart desires?

    Can you fly, and give your body the physical sensation of flying?

    Can you explore your secret fantasies, as if they were really happening to you, without ever leaving the pillow?

    Yes! And it’s called Lucid Dreaming

    What is a lucid dream?

    Define Lucid Dreaming

    The dictionary defines lucid dreaming as “the conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming”.

    Basically, you’re dreaming… and you are aware that you’re dreaming. And yet, you don’t wake up. You are able to observe the dream, with a brain-full of personality, memories, thoughts, and everything else that makes you you. And you are able to influence the dream so you act out your fantasies.

    Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

    Well if you’ve never had a lucid dream before, just the act of reading this page right now, or right before you go to bed, is probably enough to give you one.

    But first….

    Remember your dreams

    The key to experiencing a lucid dream is to be aware what and how you dream.

    For this, you need to be able to remember your dreams.

    Afterall, there’s little point having a lucid dream, and then forgetting all about it in the morning.


    YOU and lucid dreaming

    How to get there

    There are essentially two aspects of getting yourself into a lucid dream:

    • Learning to recognise your dreams.
    • Constantly questioning your state of consciousness.

    Some people learn lucid dreaming techniques in a week. Others take months. Reading this page might even cause you to have a lucid dream tonight.

    If you practice the techniques listed below, you’ll probably experience a lucid dream within the next few nights.

    Some lucid dreaming techniques which act as steps toward lucid dreaming are:

    1. Question your state right now: “Am I Dreaming?” To become lucid you should realise that you are dreaming. The best way to do thatastral projection guide is to get into the habit of asking yourself, throughout the day, “Am I dreaming?”

    2. Set yourself a ‘Dream Cue’: A dream cue is something you can use as a signal to yourself to let yourself know that you are dreaming. Your dream signal can be whatever works for you. Throughout my day, my watch beeps every hour. Whe i hear the beep, I look at the back of my hands and ask myself “are these my real hands, or am I dreaming?”. Because I do it so often, and because my watch still beeps (on the desk next to my head) whilst sleeping, I end up looking at the back of my hands in my dream too. And my lucid dream begins 🙂

    3. Master dream recall: Recording your dreams in a Dream Journal. To become aware of your dreams, you should know what your dreams are like and should be able to recognise them. Spending some time recording your dreams in a journal can do this. Start a dream journal. For more info on why you need a dream journal see my lens on how to remember your dreams. This is the most effective among all lucid dreaming techniques. A reliable effort to remember lucid dreams will help your waking mind to become more friendly with your dreaming awareness and will also allow you to become more aware of your dream content. Lucid dreaming will be more successful when you can recall a dream per night.

    4. Get up during the night: Morning naps after a period of being awake are more productive and provide the best pay-off. Drinking a glass of water before going to bed will probably help you wake up naturally, before morning, with enough time to go back to sleep, because you’ll probably need to go to the toilet at about 5:00 o’clock in the morning!

    5. Visualisation: This technique is especially effective. Imagine yourself waking up, writing down a fantastic, colourful, lucid dream into your dream journal. Say to yourself as you start getting ready to go to bed “I will have a lucid dream tonight, then I will write it down in my dream journal”. And say this many many times to yourself, until you fall asleep.

    6. Plan a lucid dream activity in advance: Lucid dreams can be planned in advance. If you tell yourself what you want to dream about, and that you want to write it down the next morning, you are far more likely to have a memorable dream about it. You should add to the visualisation technique above by saying to yourself “I will have a lucid dream tonight, and I will fly to the top of a mountain. Then I will write it down in my dream journal”.

    7. Be patient and persistent: Lucid dreaming is a skill that requires time and focus to master; even though many people experience success the first night or during the first couple of weeks.

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