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    Is your personality one that would be considered the The Helper? Do you know someone in your life that you consider to be a born helper to others? Let’s look at the characteristics of the Helper Personality together and see what we can find out about this personality type.

    The Helper Personality: At A GlanceHelper

    Motivation in life for The Helper personality is a need to be loved, to be valued, and a need to express their positive feelings toward others. Helpers are nurturing, warm, concerned, and sensitive to other people’s feelings and needs. They see being selfless in their lives as their duty.

    Problems can arise if The Helper Personality doesn’t keep a healthy balance to the giving of themselves to the people in their lives.

    Positive Aspects of The Helper Personality

    When the Helper is at their best they enjoy relating easily to people and making friends. They like knowing what people need and being generous, caring, and warm individuals. Being sensitive and perceptive of the feelings of others gives them a sense of value and worth. The positive side of their nature makes them enthusiastic and fun loving with a good sense of humor.

    You will find a person with this personality to be quite loving and caring. The Helper is very adaptable to situations along with being insightful to the needs of others. They are generous with their time and always ecstatic about giving to the people they encounter.

    Negative Aspects of The Helper Personality

    If a Helper personality isn’t careful they can begin to feel drained of energy from overdoing for other people. They find it difficult to say no. They begin to experience low self-esteem. Anger begins to rise in them as they don’t have the time to do things that they like to do and then will feel guilty for being selfish.

    The Helper may begin to criticize themselves for not feeling as loving as they think they should. This personality will also feel upset with people because those people aren’t able to tune in to the things that the Helper needs. They work so hard at being tactful and considerate that they suppress their own feelings.

    The negative side of the Helper will begin to expect gratitude for all that they do and can become hysterical, irrational, and sometimes even abusive. This personality often experiences physical and emotional burn-out because they neglect to take care of themselves.

    Living with The HelperLiving with a helper

    You might think that living and loving The Helper would be easy, after all they will try to tend to your every need. They have specific needs too and they have a difficult time telling anyone what those needs are.

    Tell them how much you appreciate them and be pretty specific about your appreciation. Share fun times with The Helper. Take a sincere interest in their problems and let them know that they are very important to you. If you find the need to criticize The Helper, be gentle with the words you use.

    The Helper can become controlling and needy if they feel unappreciated. Since they find it hard to ask directly for what they want, they may become manipulative as a manner of getting the things they want.

    Career Choices for The Helper Personality

    The Helper personality usually prefers to work with people and most often choose the helping professions. They typically will become counselors (where we can also include Psychics), teachers, and health workers. The Helper might perform on stage or be a motivational speaker. Often you will find The Helper working in sales or as a receptionist, secretary, assistant, decorator, or clothing consultant.

    Keep Your Helping In Balance

    If you are The Helper it is important for you to keep your life in balance. Remember that you are just as important as everyone else. It is just as essential for you to receive love and help as it is to give it to others. Speak up for what you want. It is extremely necessary for you to spend quality time with yourself. And most importantly you do not have to give to be loved.

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