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    Is your personality one that would be considered the Achiever? Do you think you know someone in your life that has the Achiever personality? Let’s look at the characteristics of the Achiever Personality together.

    The Achiever Personality: An Overview

    The Achiever needs to be productive, achieve success, and avoid failure. They work hard to receive appreciation for their accomplishments and are usually well liked by others.

    The Achiever personality is consistent, dependable and loyal.

    The Good Side of The AchieverAchiever Personality

    When the Achiever Personality is at its best you will find them to be optimistic, confident, industrious, efficient, energetic, practical, and a self-starter.

    They are able to recover quickly from any setbacks and to charge ahead to the next challenge. The Achiever likes to stay informed and they are very good at motivating people.

    The Bad Side of The Achiever Personality

    At their worst the Achiever can be deceptive, narcissistic, pretentious, vain, superficial, vindictive, and overly competitive.

    They sometimes feel that they have to put up with the incompetence of others. They truly fear the thought of being seen as not successful. The Achiever has a tendency to compare themselves to people who might do things better in their eyes. They may even show a passive-aggressive nature to punish people who make them see their own shortcomings.

    Disorders Attributed to The Achiever Personality

    Although the Achiever has many commendable traits if they go unchecked they can begin to show signs of disorders.

    In order to see themselves as successful they may go on starvation diets or go on workout programs until they are in a state of total exhaustion.

    The Achiever out of control might suffer from Workaholism.Achiever

    Often this personality will take in too much caffeine or other stimulants to stay awake to complete a job that seems important to them.

    It is not unusual for the Achiever to get caught up in excessive cosmetic surgeries.

    Career Choices for the Achiever Personality

    Because the Achiever personality is hardworking, goal oriented, and organized they can usually be found in management or leadership positions in business, law, banking, the computer field, and politics.

    You will find them in broadcasting and as performers.

    The achievers who are oriented more to helping are usually teachers, social workers, or health professionals.

    If the Achiever is a homemaker she will put a tremendous amount of energy into her responsibilities of being the manager of the household.

    Keep That Achiever Personality In Balance

    It is important for all personalities to maintain a good balance in their lives.

    The Achiever should tell themselves regularly that their feelings are as valuable as their accomplishments.

    This personality needs to take time to relax and to grow and see that as a profitable activity.

    The Achiever should remember, always, that they are loved for who they are and not for what they accomplish.

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