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    Be proud of yourself…

    Be proud of yourself. Trust in who you are and in what you stand for. Believe in yourself.

    You will find contentment in this life by finding contentment within yourself. So stop every once and awhile and truly appreciate all the wonderful qualities that make you unique. There are so very many beautiful emotions which combine together to form that oh so wonderful person that we call you.

    Look in the mirror and compliment the person who looks back at you. You are special and there is no one else out there quite like you.Confidence You are an amazing person. Give yourself the credit you deserve. Be proud of yourself.

    Trust in Yourself…

    You are far wiser than you give yourself credit for being. Trust in yourself. Trust in what you believe to be right. Trust in your goodness, in your ability to do the right thing when it is required, trust in the emotions which fill your heart.

    Trust in who you are and what you are. Don’t allow insecurity to invade you. It makes people weak. Be strong within yourself. Believe in yourself.

    Trust in your instincts. They are there to protect you. They are a part of your basic instinct for survival, sort of an early warning system, to help keep you safe from harm. When you feel nervous or uneasy, afraid, or just don’t like someone, then it is likely that your instinct for survival is telling you to be careful. Trust in yourself. Believe in yourself.

    Believe in your talents. With time, patience, and training you can accomplish all things. You will succeed in all that you undertake.

    Be Beautiful – Be You

    You have heard it said before, “beauty comes from within” and it definitely does. Each of us is special in our own unique way. We only have to be wise enough to know it. It is the emotions that radiate out from us that make one attractive to other people.

    Be proud of your body, understand that it will age, but the beauty that you possess within you will remain with you throughout your life.

    You have probably noticed some people who are very magnetic even though they are clearly not the ideal image of beauty. Have you wondered what attracts us to them?

    It is the confidence, happiness or charisma that shines from the depths of them and out to us. It is their emotions that make them so appealing to us. People desire the strength that emotions bring us, and when they find these powerful emotions, they are attracted to them. Emotions are our life force. They are what bring us to life.

    Make yourself shine. Happy people are truly beautiful people. So appreciate yourself and all the little things that make you special, get out there and enjoy life in your own style, and your own unique way.

    Be happy, be beautiful, be you. Be proud of yourself.

    Be Amazing – Be You

    Remember that life is an adventure and that everything you do today will be the memories that you look back on tomorrow. Try to make them good ones. Enjoy every emotion that you have, be it happy or sad, they are all part of your life experiences. They are all part of your future memories. Enjoy every experience. Treat rough periods with humor and when you look back on them later, you’ll find a fuzzy warm feeling accompanies the memories, and that it really wasn’t all that rough at all. It might even be kinda funny.Positive, Messages

    Always remember that everything is going to be okay in the end, it always is.

    Give yourself positive messages. Look in the mirror and say, “Wow…you are one good looking critter.” say it often enough, and any previous negative thoughts will leave, you will come to see yourself as a beautiful person.

    Tell yourself how amazing you are often enough and you know what? It happens. You become an amazing person…

    Positive messages to myself

    Positive messages can change how you view the world around you.

    Positive affirmations can chase away negativity, insecurity, and fear. Whenever you feel one of these emotions simply take a look in the mirror and say something nice to yourself.

    These positive messages which you say to the person in the mirror really can help to change how you feel. These inspirational sayings are powerful and strong. They can chase hurt and insecurity away.

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