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    To some degree, everyone on Earth is psychic. Every person is born with an innate psychic gift, but most of us are just not aware that somewhere within, lies an incredible source of power. Who knows, you could be able of reading minds, seeing the past, present, and future, or perhaps you might even be a psychic medium who’s powerful enough to convey with the spiritual dimension!

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    Knowing that you might be psychic with extraordinary abilities is already something fab; what more if you discover out that you’re a unique type of psychic like a psychic medium? Now that could be very cool! Imagine that, you have a unique special gift of communicating with the spiritual realm on top of the other psychic abilities you have!

    Psychic Medium Defined

    Generally speaking, a psychic medium is the term for a person who is psychic and a medium. Psychic mediums have the unique power to communicate with spiritual entities — spirit guides, guardian angels, and spirits of those who are now in the afterlife. Aside from the gift of mediumship, these special psychics also can possess other gifts like the abilities to look into the past, present, and future, among numerous others.

    3 Sure Signs That you are a Psychic Medium

    How can you possibly know if you are a psychic medium? Well listed here are 3 obvious signs of being one:


    There might be situations that you can hear what others cannot. It’s just like as if you are hearing someone else whispering in your ear. There can be times that you can really hear voices or spirits speaking, and sometimes these are just sounds like ringing in your ears, echoes, laughter, or even cries.


    Now this is one very strong sign of being a psychic medium. The gift of mediumship comes with a very strong sixth sense. Therefore you are able to see spiritual entities — see them face to face, passing by, as part of your dreams, etc.


    Are there instances wherein you get sudden goosebumps for some unexplainable cause? Well the explanation might be because you are picking up the energies of spiritual entities. If you have psychic medium gifts, it is very common that your clairsentient psychic abilities are extremely strong; and this makes you feel energy vibrations of those who are in higher realms.

    Yes, You’re a Psychic Medium… So What Now?

    As the saying goes: all psychic mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are psychic mediums. Put simply, being a psychic medium is something very rare and special. When you discover that you are a psychic medium, it’s best that you take hold of your unique ability and nourish it.

    However you may ask, why on earth will I want to accept something like this that will make me capable to see, hear, and feel things out of the ordinary? Well yes, it might seem scary first; then again, if you think about it the gift of mediumship includes a lot of advantages too. The best thing about being a psychic medium is that you’ll be able to help other people apart from being able to help yourself to get a better outlook in life.

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