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    Ouija is commonly known as a talking board or a spirit board. It is a flat board that is marked with letters of the alphabet, the words “hello”, “yes”, “no” and “goodbye”, though the “hello” is usually occasional. It has graphics, various symbols and uses a small heart shaped piece of plastic or wood known as a planchette.

    The players or participants always place their fingers on the planchette and the fingers are moved over the board to spell out words. Players often take turns asking questions then are allowed to wait and see what the planchette spells out. In order for Ouija board to work successfully, you must understands the common steps of its success.

    Below are some of the guidelines for using your spirit of talking board successfully:

    ouija board

    By Mijail0711,

    1. Ouija board reduces tension when there are more people using it. There is much reluctance as the spirits guide the planchette as compared to when only one individual uses it. Over the past years, people have believed that the more people using the board builds up stronger energy and thereby making contact with the spirits much easier and more likely. It is also advisable to work with people close to you especially
    those who you consider family or friends. This creates an element of trust therefore providing less tension.

    2. Gently place your finger tips on the planchette and do not force the planchette to move. Be patient and give it more time when it does not show and signs of movement, especially if it does not respond to a light touch. This may mean that there is no one there or there is less psychic energy that is being generated so try to focus on a specific single question. Also try and meditate on the specific spirit that you are trying to contact. Make sure you have a clear and relaxed state of mind. Patience is key when it comes to this so do not be in a hurry or this will not work for you. You can also ask if there are any other present spirits and ask them to respond. Relax and wait on their next move.

    3. Want to have full concentration? Well nighttime is the best time to work with your spirit board. Make sure you have low or deem lighting and candles are the best as they create a translucent atmosphere which is often favorable to the spirits. Try as much as possible to reduce background noises, sounds and other distractions. You can capture an EPV by using a tape recorder for the session if you’d like to.

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    4. Most spirit contact always work with disembodied people and they are also subjected to their own arrogance, bias and mostly ignorance. You can ask questions and make sure you check sources later. Make sure that you verify that you get the same answer or response from the spirit by asking the same question more than once. So next time when you hear a spirit on your talking board, make verifications first.

    5. Spirits that are very strong and controlling rarely make contact during sessions. So do not let the spirit to control or intimidate the session. The more you allow it, the more it will gain maniacal control over you. Always demand that the spirit who is trying to take control either leave or behave. Let it know that you are in control.

    6. It is important that everyone in the session is relaxed and comfortable as much as possible, to generate good results. There are no rules that there has to be a pin-drop silence in a session. The more you chat and laugh the more you create a friendly environment that may enable friendly spirits to join you. You may occasionally get trickster spirits when using this method but remember that you are always in control.

    7. Consider both the spirits and the players and thank the spirits for their time and insights. This builds a
    stronger bond for future sessions and also helps you to attract more spirits.

    8. You will have best results when the solar activity is low and the atmosphere is turbulent. So the best time to use the Ouija board is at night.

    9. Give the spirit a little more time to build its energy therefore make sure you keep it simple. This allows them to add to their reserves. To do this, always start with simple yes or no questions. Do not rapidly ask multiple questions in a single sentence. Taking time to fully understand the spirits response helps you verify what the spirit meant.

    10. All the participants have to participate but there has to be only one issue to focus on during the session. Through this, the medium can easily build up a bridge and connect with the spirit. You can also ask the medium to repeat the questions that you asked.

    11. Move the planchette in circles to allow the momentum to take a life on its own. This allows the spirits to
    connect and move the planchette with ease.

    12. Know the extent of the spirits’ knowledge and understanding and keep the questions simple. Do not ask questions that are above the spirit’s knowledge. This will enable you to get the answers that you need.

    13. Most spirits often speak in abbreviated code of first letters of words, and may also phonetically spell
    words. It is therefore advisable that you write down the questions and responses. This makes the response clearer. This is very important because not all spirits originally spoke your language.

    14. Be careful of the manifestations of the spirits especially when you ask for a sign of their presence, because in some cases it can cause an automated response of fear when the spirit responds. Some spirits like to draw from fear so that they can get stronger and create more fear when they manifest.

    15. Take note of reluctant, weary spirits so be patient when you try to contact them. Avoid asking questions that are too specific although you can ask the spirit about the time period in which they lived. Asking about the exact time or date may prove to be difficult and insignificant.

    16. When ending the sessions, thank the spirits for their time and make sure you end it with reverence. If they do not use the farewell of good-bye sign on your talking board, you are allowed to dismiss them. Again, remember you are in control. In some cases the spirit that you are talking to can abruptly dismiss you without any warning, just know that they usually easily get tired or bored. So do not get insulted by this gesture.

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